What is Kapro B95?

Kapro B95 is a high functional bovine collagen. It is produced in the Netherlands in accordance with EC directive 853/2004 with an innovative and patented production method. The product is Halal and FSSC22000 certified. It is a 100% bovine collagen and can be used in most dairy products.The functionality of this product provides novel application solutions for our customers.

Product properties:

Kapro B95 SF is functional under a wide range of (process)conditions. This makes Kapro B95 uniquein its category:

Application area:

  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese analogue
  • Pasteurized process cheese spread
  • Pasteurized cheese product
  • Cheese sauce
  • Fresh cheese

How to use Kapro B95

With its ‘free flowing’ powder, Kapro B95 SF can be mixed easily with other ingredients. Due to its neutral taste, it can be used in most dairy products.


  • Cost efficiency
  • Syneresis control
  • Texture & juiciness improvement
  • Better cooking and slicing yield
  • Proces optimization
  • Meat extension / replacement
  • Shape retention
  • Synergetic effects in combination with other functional ingredients
  • Allergen free / Clean label

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