What is Kapro B95?

Kapro B95 is a high functional bovine collagen. It is produced in the Netherlands in accordance with EC directive 853/2004 with an innovative and patented production method. The product is Halal and FSSC22000 certified. It is a 100 % natural bovine collagen suitable for further processed meat products. The functionality of this product provides novel application solutions for our customers.

Product properties:

High water binding and emulsifying capacity. Both cold and hot gelling capacity resulting in strong gels and emulsions. Minimum in hot condition 1:20 in gel and 1:15:15 in emulsion.


Kapro B95 is available in different grades for a wide range of application.

Example of applications:

  • Salami: meat replacement, reducing drying time
  • Hamburgers: meat replacement, shape retention
  • Frankfurters: stabilizing emulsion, improved cooking yield, syneresis control
  • Whole muscles meat: improved quality, improved juiciness, syneresis control

How to use Kapro B95

Kapro B95 is suitable to use as single ingredient or for combining with other ingredients – in simple or complete mixtures – during either cutting, (paddle) mixing, tumbling or injection.

  • Benefits:
  • Cost efficiency
  • Syneresis control
  • Texture & juiciness improvement
  • Better cooking and slicing yield
  • Proces optimization
  • Meat extension / replacement
  • Shape retention
  • Synergetic effects in combination with other functional ingredients
  • Allergen free / Clean label

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