Pet Snacks

What is Kapro B95?

Kapro B95 is a high functional bovine collagen. It is produced in the Netherlands in accordance with EC directive 853/2004 with an innovative and patented production method. The product is Halal and FSSC22000 certified. It is a 100% bovine collagen and can be used in several pet snack/food application. The functionality of this product provides novel application solutions for our customers.

Product properties:

Kapro B95 swells with the addition of water and thus more water can be added to the product to makesure that enough free water is present for starch to gelatinize. There is a positive relation between Kapro B95 and the cohesiveness of the Pet Snack, resulting in a product that is better suited to handle stress during production, packaging, shipping, and storage.

Furthermore, Kapro B95 can provide (depending on formulation) a visually appealing pore structure to extruded Pet Snack in combination with an optimized ratio between Kapro B95, starch and water-soluble protein.

Kapro B95 improves the flowability of the formulation during extrusion, thus a higher output may be expected during production.

How to use Kapro B95

With its ‘free flowing’ powder, Kapro B95 can be mixed easily with other dry ingredients. Due to its excellent functionality, it can be used in all kind of extruded pet snacks.


  • Building block Pet Snack formulations
  • Synergetic with other ingredients
  • Stress resistance
  • Texture/structure builder
  • Improved elasticity
  • Improved water holding capacity
  • Less drying loss on products during storage
  • Improved chewability

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